Al – rich technology

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Al – rich technology

Rich aluminum technology is a new coating technology to improve the content of aluminum. The high alumina layer can increase the hardness and the initial temperature of the oxidation and stabilize the high hardness layer. In addition, it provides overwhelming high wear, fracture, crater and welding resistance.

Series expansion – cemented carbide end milling cutter “MHS + end mill series”

On April 15,

In the process of parts processing, due to the high mixing and low volume production, the corresponding materials and different applications are needed. On the other hand, the need to reduce tooling costs by using a universal end milling cutter is increasing. 50 HRC range, often used in die processing. To meet this requirement, carbide End Mill “MHS Plus End Mill Series” was released in April. This is a great tool for making excellent wear resistance in a wide range of workpiece materials, from normal steel to hardened steel.

For the general use of “MHP2SB”, the small diameter of the double groove ball nose end milling cutter with “MHP2SB” is required to be used with the contraction combinator, so the diameter of the handle is increased by 6 mm this time.

The characteristics of “MHS + end mill series” of carbide end milling cutter

  1. The product

The new MHS Plus coating is the MHS Plus end rolling mill series. It has excellent wear resistance and is made from carbon steel to hardened steel in a wide range of workpiece materials. 50 HRC.


The face cutting blade geometry is suitable for mould processing and die processing.

  1. The product

A seamless seamless cutting edge with no seams. A good surface finish is possible, even if the ball head and edge cutting edge are used at the same time, such as molds and molds.

Series expansion – increase of CHVD diamond coating terminal grinding series graphite “DF end milling machine series”