CHBN characteristics of sintered alloy and cast iron “MHB4020”

In recent years, with the increasing demand of auto parts, the use of sintered alloy parts has undergone extensive changes. Sintering materials have high flexibility in material properties and in the manufacture of complex forms of freedom. However, sintering materials have many advantages, and they are difficult to process. Tools used to process sintering alloys need to be able to meet certain criteria such as excellent dimensional accuracy, surface finishes and preventing burr formation.

MHB4020, CHBN grade for sintering alloy and cast iron has been well received, as a tool for wide application, from continuous to interrupt processing. Because this ensures that the machining properties of various materials of different materials are improved, such as hardness, toughness and performance.

We have decided to add a small diameter rotation insert with full face and solid CHBN and hole “MHB4020”, a coating of CHBN grade for machining sintered alloys and cast iron for higher depth cutting and chamfering

CHBN characteristics of sintered alloy and cast iron “MHB4020”

  1. Continuous processing of product sintering alloy. It is suitable for machining of sintered alloy with different hardness and performance.
  2. A new development of special adhesives promotes the synthesis of CHBN particles. This means higher cutting edge stiffness can be achieved. The burr and plastic flow must be reduced when machining sintering alloys. MHB4020 CHBN tool grade provides a higher cutting edge rigidity, allowing sharper cutting edges to achieve ideal workpiece tolerance.
  3. The high content of CHBN tools reduces the welding of working materials on the cutting edge and stabilizes the precision of the parts.
  4. Full face and strong CHBN can be used for a wide range of applications, such as higher depth cutting and chamfering.

The “full face CHBN with hole” is added to the “MHB4020” CHBN hierarchy of “MHB4020”.