DHF end milling cutter series

On February 12,

Demand for graphite electrodes has been increasing due to improved performance. To meet this demand, a series of CHVD diamond coated end mills for graphite “DF end milling machine series” was introduced in 2009. As a tool for best performance and a series of graphite milling, it has been well received.

According to our customers’ strong request, we add 9 DHF2XLB and 6 DHFPSRB projects to the “DHF End Mill Series”.

Graphite “DHF end milling cutter series” CHVD diamond coated end mill series characteristics

  1. The product

The graphite milling was optimized by high crystal diamond coating. Compared with the traditional diamond coating, it has excellent wear resistance and can improve the stability of graphite milling.


There are 132 different sizes of 6 series, including square, ball head and angular radius end milling cutter, to allow wider application.

  1. The product

The ball end milling cutter and the ball nose end milling cutter adopt the seamless geometry between the round Angle and the peripheral blade, and ensure a good surface finish.

Series expansion – PHVD coating carbide grade, stainless steel turning

Stainless steel is widely used in household products, construction parts, auto parts, chemical parts and other fields. The thermal conductivity of stainless steel is low, it is easy to be sticky, and it is hardened by machining, which leads to the following problems:

1) due to the plastic deformation of the cutting edge, it is easy to reduce the life of the cutter, and 2) because the welding is prone to abnormal damage, 3) it is easy to form the burr due to the main side incision of cutting depth.

Therefore, it is considered to be difficult to machine.

To solve these problems, the newly developed LHM/MHM/RHM/GHM circuit breaker stainless steel turning and new level; MHC7015/ MHC7025(CHVD coated carbide level)/MHP7035 (PHVD coated carbide level) was released in December. In addition, 134 items were added to the insert series of stainless steel turntable in April.