Face milling

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* 1 ISO 13399

An international standard used to represent and exchange data on a cutting tool that can be interpreted by a computer.

This standard includes the product information, the method of compiling the database and the rules on the creation of CAD data on the tool. Its purpose is to define cutting tools around the world through common parameters and to ensure smooth data communication between systems.

* 2 general tools directory (GHTC)

A database standard for cutting tools for ISO 13399 standard. It was developed by a voluntary BBS, a company that is related to tools around the world.

GTC web site: http://gtc-tools.com/

* 3 MCG is one

(organization) processing technology center, r&d department, advanced materials and tools company

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  1. Face milling

Indexable surface milling cutter and PHCD insert resistance welding, extend tool life, prevent accidental insertion of damage.