Future prospects

Especially the advantages, based on the technology of surface modification and shape of Hitachi tool designed to handle difficult to cut materials and complicated shape, such as 3 d mould processing and parts of power generation equipment and aerospace engine. Over the years, Hitachi tools have made recommendations to provide customers with solutions, take advantage of product development capabilities and gain a higher share of the domestic market in complex shape processing. In the future, the company is seeking to expand its business by increasing overseas sales.

In addition, in the automobile industry, metal forming must be used to achieve the shape of the final product. Therefore, high quality and technical support are also necessary for tooling. In the future, the demand for hard alloy products will be greater, and these products are optimal for processing complex shapes and difficult materials.

Hitachi tools is a company with unique materials and parts processing capabilities, focusing on automotive, aerospace and energy related fields.

  1. Future prospects

After the deal, MSH materials will be buying a Hitachi tool products to enlarge the product line of advanced cemented carbide products, so as to realize the processing of high precision, high efficiency, high speed, at the same time, the proposal ability of Hitachi tool can be used for complex shape processing of various materials. Through this expansion, MSH materials will provide a wider range of products and services for long-term market demand. In addition, MSH materials will consolidate our business base by acquiring the first share of domestic carbide products. In addition, through the synergy with Hitachi tool, MSH materials in overseas markets will receive a 10% or higher share of the world, used for cemented carbide products, this is a market demand is expected to increase.