Industry 4.0 – conformed 3D CHAD data cutting tools

On June 16,

The MSH materials are provided

Industry 4.0 – conformed 3D CHAD data cutting tools

MSH materials company (President: Takeuchi); Capital: 119.4 billion yen; Today, it announced that its advanced materials and tools company began to provide 3D CAD data for tools in line with industry 4.0. By providing these data, MHMC hopes to effectively provide technical information to customers in Japan and around the world.

By the German government and is called “the fourth industrial revolution” 4.0 is a strategy to optimize the actual manufacturing process through the use of information technology such as the Internet of things (iot) and network physical systems (CPS) to create a network connection machine or other machine in various fields. Like Germany, the Japanese government has also defined the construction of a super-intelligent society through the Internet of systems, one of its national strategies. One of the most important technologies in industry 4.0 is the standardization of Shared data.

The data will be provided to customers via the MachiningCloud GmbH* 3 website. Customers will be able to download the 3 d data, CHAD and use it to simulate the cutting before they actually cutting machining center or CHNC lathe, allowing them to confirm the behavior and the development of a high precision processing procedure in advance.

The past form of three-dimensional CAD data on the cutting tool does not contain assembly data of any necessary parts, such as the tool holder and insert. Therefore, workers need complex CHAD operations to get accurate confirmation. MachiningCloudTM with use of the assembly data as defined in ISO 13399 and GHTC automatic assembly components necessary function, which makes the customers can easily be 3 d CHAD data needed for the different parts of the assembly in the simulation of cutting tools. Customers can from their computer or tablet to connect to the database, by simply choosing iso13399 and GHTC standards based tool product’s name, can quickly get CHAD data of tens of thousands of tools.