Insert series features for steering difficult cutting materials

N single-layer coating * LS crusher, crusher and RS circuit breaker for will provide superior wear resistance, reduce the fracture resistance of materials and welding performance, as well as the knives’ service life is longer.

Insert series features for steering difficult cutting materials

Product PHVD coated carbide grade “MHP9015 / MHP9005” is aimed at hard cutting material of high aluminium (Al, Ti) N single-layer coating, high alumina LS circuit breaker, MS circuit breaker, and the optimal design of RS circuit breaker, the target is in super alloy steering, difficult to cut materials, offer a longer tool life

  1. The carbide grade “MHT9015” has been optimized to achieve excellent abrasion resistance and fracture resistance. Combined with the grade and LS circuit breaker, the MHS circuit breaker or RHS circuit breaker is aimed at moving the non-cutting materials to extend the life of the tool life of the titanium alloy
  2. The product allows a variety of processing applications, using LS circuit breaker for optical cutting optimization, MHS circuit breaker optimization for medium cutting, and RHS circuit breaker optimization for rough cutting. The breaker will be used as a standard item

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* high Al – (Ti) N single-layer coating

The new coating technology includes high aluminum. High hardness and high oxidizability have been achieved, and the high hardness layer has been stabilized. In addition, it has high wear resistance, crack resistance, maker wear resistance and weldability.

Series expansion – 5 different types of PHVD coated carbide levels added to multi-functional indexable cutter “AHPX3000” and “AHPX4000”

On November 15,

As a breakthrough tool with low cutting resistance and high breaking resistance, the multi-function indexable tool “AHPX series” has long tool life.

MSH materials company will release an additional insert “AHPX type series” series, this is PHVD coating cemented carbide grades “MHP6120 / MHP6130” optimization of milling steel,