These series enable stable processing to cover a wide range of different processing applications, thereby increasing productivity. As a result, these projects are highly praised by customers.

Allows a wide range of applications, LHM/MHM circuit breaker 7 ° insert and positive 5 ° insert has been added to the positive PHVD coated carbide grade stainless steel will be “MHP7035”. Therefore, “stainless steel turning paneling series” has been expanded. “Stainless steel rotating nesting series” features

  1. The product

7 ° / 5 ° positive light circuit breaker cut: LHM circuit breakers

The large tilt Angle optimizes the chip flow and controls the welding of the workpiece material, thus achieving a good machining surface.


7 ° / 5 ° active circuit breaker in steel cutting: MHM circuit breakers

The plane edge and the large Angle have a good balance between wear resistance and crease resistance. This enables efficient processing.

Multi-function mechanical processing series expansion – grinding system “GHY series”

The “GHY series” is a breakthrough tool with extremely high hardness and accuracy in the slot. Its unique locking technology three-lock system (1) greatly improves the stability, which is a weak link in the modular bracket (2).

In order to meet the requirement of high efficiency machining, the multi-functional ground inserts of MF circuit breaker are added to the “GHY series” of the slot system.

MF circuit breaker multi-function ground insert feature

  1. The groove width of product 2 mm to 6.35 mm can be used as standard. The standard cutting edge width is used for the C type retaining ring (Cerclip).
  2. Compared with M stage insertion, the surface insertion accuracy of MHF circuit breaker is higher.

Tolerance of tooth width: 0.02 of MHF circuit breaker, 0.03 to 0.04 of M stage insertion.

  1. The product adopts the grounding insert of MHF circuit breaker to improve the efficiency of the chip.