MHC5005 and MHC5015 features

In order to meet this demand, released in November CHVD coated carbide alloy cast iron, “MHC5005” and “MHC5015” was released, and get a good reception, as tools for processing cast iron to realize high speed and high efficiency.

Newly added cast iron new inserts include a larger insert and a wiper type insert to allow for wider applications.

MHC5005 and MHC5015 features

  1. Product MHC5005 and MHC5015 have excellent wear resistance when rotating cast iron due to high strength CHVD nano-coating. This layer is formed by the synergistic effect between “nanoparticle technology” and “hard grip”.
  2. CHVD coated carbide grade adopts Al2O3 MHC5005 super thick, is the world’s most thick layer, so in the continuous process of gray cast iron when the cutting speed of 600 m/min, can offer a higher wear resistance than ceramic.

CHVD coated carbide grade MHC5015 3. The product is not only a best sharpness and abrasion resistance of common grading, and the high hardness of FCD700 ductile cast iron can provide excellent in the manufacturing process of intermittent fracture resistance.

  1. The insert of the product without clamping hole can also be used for high-speed cutting, and the circuit breaker suitable for iron rotation is added. LK circuit breaker (light cutting), MK breaker (medium cutting), RK circuit breaker (rough cutting).

(the term)

(1)nano-texture coating technology

Nano-textured coating technology is a technique that controls the size of the coating much more than the conventional size. This increases the strength of CHVD coating layers and results in good wear and tear resistance.

(2) TOUGH – GRIP technology

Strict control technology is a technique which greatly improves the adhesion of CHVD coating. This keeps the interface structure of the coating at the nanoscale and prevents layering.

Series expansion – new insertion series for transforming hard-to-cut materials