1. The product adopts the synergistic effect of “nano-coating technology” and “hard grip”, forming the high-strength CHVD nano-coating, which makes it excellent wear resistance during the steering process of cast iron
  2. Using Al2O3 thick layer, this is the world’s thickest CHVD coated carbide grade cast iron turning, “MHC5005”. “MHC5005” has high wear resistance to ceramics in the case of continuous cutting of grey cast iron and cutting speed of 600 m/min
  3. Product CHVD coated carbide cast iron, “MHC5015” is a general grade, with optimal sharpness and abrasion resistance. In addition, “MHC5015” is an anti-fracture grade suitable for nodular cast iron fracture processing such as FHCD700
  4. The product allows a variety of processing applications, using LK circuit breaker for optical cutting optimization, MK circuit breaker optimization for medium cutting, and RK circuit breaker optimization for rough cutting. The breaker will be used as a standard item

(the term)

(1)Nano-Texture coating technology

Nano-textured coating technology is composed of nano-structure, which provides a coating with high abrasion resistance and anti-fracture properties to optimize the growth conditions of the crystal.

(2) my – GRIP technology

Because the interface structure of the coating is controlled at the nanoscale, this will prevent the coating from stratification.

New insertion series for transforming hard-to-cut materials

On November 20,

In recent years, the use of titanium alloys, high-temperature resistant alloys, corrosion resistant alloys and other materials has received wide attention in aircraft industry and medical fields. Difficult to cut materials with low thermal conductivity, so that the cutting edge of temperature increase rapidly, causes in the process of high efficiency welding and produce the problem such as vibration, cause the clogging in continuous chip and chip.

Veteran PHVD coating cemented carbide grades “MHP9015 / MHP9005” is optimized, will reduce the material and carbide grades “MHT9015” is to reduce the optimization of material, the high Al – (aluminum, titanium)