MHCC drill

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Information INHTERMOLD

On March 14,

MSH materials will participate in the 25th Japan international mold manufacturing technology exhibition in Osaka.

The aircraft parts manufacturing technology exhibition and the automobile parts manufacturing technology exhibition will be held simultaneously.

This program will provide us with an exciting opportunity to introduce new products, this is not only the mould processing, and aircraft parts manufacturing, involves difficult to cut materials and auto parts manufacturing, need reliable cutting performance and high quality of processing.

We sincerely welcome you to our booth and look forward to seeing you at the mold show.

  1. drilling

MHCC drill: 90 ° Angle is used to reduce drilling thrust, this can prevent stratification and improves the hole and tolerance.

MHCA drill: use a unique flute design to prevent aluminum from damaging the surface of the CHFRP part, thereby reducing the hole size gap between aluminum and CHFRP parts.

  1. prune

Cutting tool life is usually very short, because of the high strength of carbon fiber, it is easy to take off and burr in the cutting process, so it is effective to use the tool with high wear resistance coating.

By using CHVD diamond coating technology, DHFC endmills reduces the burr and delayer in combination with optimized tool geometry, thus achieving long knife life and high quality machining.

  1. Face milling, pocket milling

The milling of rib parts needs to remove over 90% of the large volume. Therefore, efficient high – speed processing is a necessary condition for cost reduction.

The AHXD series has low cutting resistance and does not reduce the insertion edge strength due to spiral wing surface, and optimizes the stress reduction Angle.

In addition, the convex blade can remove the chip very well, resulting in high speed and efficient machining.

The use of MHP9120 is very effective in high-speed cutting.

The AHLIMASTER series has received good chippings due to its unique cross-sectional shape. This makes high speed and efficient processing possible.