milling tools

* new web pages listed in:

  • the function page (overview) is added to the new product information.
  • the industry and target solution page has been created.
  • communication magazine is a new publication aimed at inspiring people’s skills.
  • created a new processing technology center page and disclosed details of various businesses.
  • new brand information, promotional activities and exhibition information pages.
  • apart from machining, the design of hard alloy products (abrasion, construction tools and tools) has also been reformed.

In addition, the function of browsing the smartphone and tablet computer is added to facilitate access.

We will, as always, for customers to provide quality services and solutions, let the customer closer to our customers, for each question to provide tailored solutions, improve customer satisfaction, and our warm, promotion of professional technology.

We invite you to use MSH materials company’s website, advanced materials and tools, thank you for your continuous support.

* please note

  • this website is currently in the Japanese market.
  • we plan to expand other market sites next year.

Announcement of share transfer procedure of Hitachi tools engineering co., ltd. and change of company name

On April 1,

In the September 26 issue of the agreement on the procurement of tools for Hitachi tools, MSH materials co., LTD. (President: Takeuchi); (” MSH materials “) and Hitachi metals co., LTD (President takahashi); Hereinafter referred to as “Hitachi metals”) signed an agreement, in the agreement, MSH materials will get Hitachi tool engineering co., LTD. 51% stake in (hereinafter referred to as the “Hitachi tool”), the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi metals. The deal is aimed at strengthening the foundation of the MSH and Hitachi metals’ hard alloy products (cutting tools) business.