MSH Hitachi tool

Notice is hereby given that the company, equity transfer formalities have been completed, the company changed its name to MSH Hitachi tool engineering co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “MSH Hitachi tool”), the company will be in April 1 as MSH Hitachi tool to begin operations.

MSH Hitachi tool is a manufacturer of hard alloy products with high precision, high efficiency and high speed. Especially the advantages, based on the technology of surface modification and shape of MSH Hitachi tool designed to handle difficult to cut materials and complicated shape, such as 3 d mould processing and parts of power equipment and aviation engine. Over the years, MSH Hitachi tools have occupied a high domestic market share in the complex shape processing field, utilizing the capability of product development and providing solutions to customers through Suggestions.

While continuing to cooperate with Hitachi metal’s tool steel business, MSH Hitachi tools will further expand its overseas business by increasing sales and utilizing the advantages of MSH materials; It is the material development and production technology for cemented carbide products, as well as a wide global sales network.

Want to see more about dedication ceremony by the share purchase, material to see more aimed at the dedication ceremony use Hitachi tool side tip cemented carbide products and advanced technical ability with different material processing to provide a broader market for products and services, mainly concentrated in the related fields of automotive, aerospace and energy. In addition, MSH materials will continue to promote MSH Hitachi tools to account for more than 10 per cent of hard alloy products in the global market.

Hitachi metals will expand its customer base with a hard alloy business of MSH materials. In addition, in the field of high level of special steel, such as tool steel and space and the energy industry of material/products, Hitachi metals will strengthen and expand its development from the material to the manufacture, processing and sales of all solutions.

Through the joint management of MSH Hitachi tools, MSH materials and Hitachi metals, the advantages of each company are utilized to construct the “win-win-win” relationship with each other’s management resources. We will strive to be our trusted “best partner”.