MSH materials

MSH materials will consolidate our business base by acquiring the first share of domestic carbide products. In addition, through the synergy with Hitachi tool, MSH materials in overseas markets will receive a 10% or higher share of the world, used for cemented carbide products, this is a market demand is expected to increase.

Through the joint management of Hitachi tools and MSH materials, Hitachi metal will expand its customer base not only with Hitachi tools, but also with cemented carbide products. In addition, in the field of high level of special steel, such as tool steel and space and the energy industry of material/products, Hitachi metals will strengthen and expand its development from the material to the manufacture, processing and sales of all solutions.

Hitachi tools will use MSH materials to accelerate its global expansion while continuing to work with Hitachi metal’s tool steel business. It is the material development and production technology for cemented carbide products, as well as a wide global sales network. In addition, the procurement of raw materials for Hitachi tools will be supplemented by the integrated supply chain and recycling network of MSH materials, from raw materials to finished products. Therefore, Hitachi tools will further strengthen the business base of cemented carbide products.

Through the joint management of Hitachi tools, MSH materials and Hitachi metals, using the advantages of each company, using each other’s management resources to build a “win-win-win” relationship. We will strive to be our trusted “best partner”.

  1. Schedule

(1) the execution date of the share purchase agreement is September 26,

(2) effective date of the transaction * 1 April (plan)

Note: the effective date of the transaction is scheduled for April 1, before the anti-monopoly law in Japan, China’s competition law, European competition law and the need for U.S. competition law.