MSH materials provide electronic learning procedures for processing technology, “MSH materials expert program”

MSH materials provide electronic learning procedures for processing technology, “MSH materials expert program”

On October 29,

The new processing technology e-learning program will be posted on our company’s official website for a wide range of participants, including those involved in mechanical processing and students. This program introduces the current use of two languages, Japanese and English rotation, milling, drilling, workpiece and tool material, and can be used  phone and other tablet devices.

. The iPhone’s thread menu can easily calculate the guide Angle and has been added to the existing formula application, like milling, spinning, and drill-through menus. The app can also be used on Android phones.

The cutting speed of spindle spindle speed and milling time can be easily calculated by pressing the button and entering the numerical value. In addition, the cutting speed can be calculated in reverse with the spindle rotation speed. The feed of each tooth can be inversely calculated from the feed.

For the newly added thread menu, the Angle of the guide wire can be calculated by the input screw information. The applicable gripper and gasket can also be displayed to properly locate the insertion Angle.

In order to meet the needs of customers, 10 menu items such as various formulas, single push free telephone and RHSS information transmission system are provided, providing the latest information about knives and so on.

With this opportunity, we hope you can install the application and make good use of it.

MSH materials company (President: Hiroshi Yao; On September 26, MSH materials and Hitachi metals co., LTD. (chairman and CEO: Kazuyuki Konishi) Hereinafter referred to as “Hitachi metals”) completed a stock purchase contract, and agree to the Hitachi tool engineering co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “Hitachi tool”) in the acquisition of Hitachi tool co., LTD. 51% of the shares (hereinafter referred to as the “Hitachi tool”). Hitachi tools is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi metals. The deal is aimed at strengthening the foundation of the MSH and Hitachi metals’ hard alloy products (cutting tools) business. Please note that Hitachi tools will become an integrated subsidiary of MSH materials after the transaction is completed. Hitachi Metals will continue to hold a 49 per cent stake in Hitachi. MSH materials and Hitachi metals will collaborate to manage Hitachi tools to create synergies and enhance enterprise value.