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Through the reopening of tianjin lingyun tool design co., LTD. MSH materials will strengthen its way of operating in the Chinese market and become the best partner for high-technology users, including Chinese carmakers.
MSH materials has a technical center in Japan and overseas, providing technical support to users and improving the system to provide comprehensive solutions. In Japan, in addition to the east Japan technical center, “center of the center of Japan technology” was built in June at the Gifu factory, forming a dual base system.
Its goal is to become a vibrant and exciting business entity, through the efforts to achieve speed and innovation, from the perspective of customers and win the trust of the user, become a real partner.
CAM is an abbreviation for computer-aided manufacturing. It is a system that USES the shape data created by CAD as input data and performs the entire manufacturing preparation, including creating a handler on the computer. CAE is short for computer aided engineering. It refers to the pre-censorship of the design and manufacture of products or processes through computer technology, or for such purposes.
How to operate the MachiningCloud
On December 1,
MSH materials announced on June 16 that its advanced materials and tools company began to provide 3D CAD data for tools in line with industry 4.0.
Since the PDF manual, “how to install the machine cloud” and “how to operate the machine cloud” has been released today, please click on the banner below to find and view the details.
JIMTOF details
Our slogan at JIMTOF is “meet, give and go”.
We will offer a variety of tools and provide clear, informative explanations and will provide the best solutions to meet customer needs and new challenges.
MSH materials begin to provide tooling for industrial 4.0 – conformed 3D CHAD data