New “HGSS drill and milling cutter cylindrical handle” SE high precision drill series

Drill a deep hole to prevent collision with the workpiece. However, due to the lack of rigidity, there are various problems such as crack, hole expansion and displacement of holes.

This time, we have solved the problem of deep hole drilling deep hole, and optimized the “sd-ls” through shallow hole and straight shank drill.

The feature of straight shank long shank drill “sd-ls”

  1. The product adopts the unique geometric dimensions and adopts the M dimension of the high precision bit, which has the high universality and the overall length of the design is longer
  2. It is not only the machining center, the artificial machine, such as the electric drill and the drilling machine, etc., because of the use of the web refining geometry, the initial processing performance is considered the most important point.
  3. The full circle flute geometry enables the machine to work extensively because it can be used for both machine work and manual work.
  4. The product adopts a multi-functional nitrogen oxidation treatment as surface treatment, which is more cost-effective than the coating bit.

5.91 ~ 5.91 size, Ø Ø 10.0 (0.1) as standard.

New “HGSS drill and milling cutter cylindrical handle” SE high precision drill series

Demand for high – mixing, low – volume production, rapid delivery and cost reduction has been increasing in manufacturing sectors such as aircraft, medical equipment and car parts. Therefore, the HGSS drill needs the following: 1) versatility is suitable for a wide range of work materials, 2) stability, sudden failure, and 3) economic efficiency, which can reduce the production cost.

Using the HGSS drill of the cylindrical handle of the milling cutter, SHE has adopted d-type surface treatment with high precision drilling string, which requires high precision of the drill, such as shaving cutter and broach. This provides lower costs and ensures less burrs and high precision drilling for HGSS drills.

The characteristics of HGSS bit and stem and SE high precision drilling series

  1. The product adopts d – something surface treatment, covering the wear area on the cutting edge, with good cutting edge sharpness and excellent wear resistance