New insert boxes and tags

  1. Impact on future business performance

As a result of the share purchase agreement, Hitachi tools will become an integrated subsidiary of MSH metals. However, since the effective date of the transaction was set on April 1, the MSH material and Hitachi metal’s integrated business performance had no impact during the period ending March 31.

  1. Overview of the company’s involvement in the transaction

(4) production and sales techniques in the business area, tools, wear-resistant products, tools for urban development, and various machine tools, such as special steel and cemented carbide alloy.

(5) capital of 1,455 million yen

(6) established September 23, 1933

(7) major shareholders and

Shareholding ratio Hitachi metals co., LTD. :100%

(8) staff number 722 (as of 31 March. Non-consolidated base.

(9) net sales of the latest business results: y18966 billion in ordinary income: y3.43bn (fiscal year results). Simple unified foundation.

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(1) company name materials company

(4) production and sales of cement and cement-related products in the business area; Smelting, processing and marketing of copper, gold and silver; Manufacturing and marketing of cemented carbide tools; Manufacturing and marketing of electronic materials and electronic components; Produce and sell aluminum cans, rolled aluminum, and processed aluminum products

(1) company name Hitachi metals co. LTD

(4) production and sale of high-grade metal products and materials, magnetic materials and applications, high-end functional components and equipment, power lines, cables, and related products in the business area

New insert boxes and tags

On March 14,

The insert box of MSH will be replaced in April. New stronger box and cover use environmental protection PP material, expanded the tool navi information, advise the cutting conditions, the workpiece material to cover all of p – m – k – n – s – h, and the introduction of more efficient logistics and inventory control, and new 10 global EHDP code.