New ISO insertion series for cast iron turning

  1. The edge cutting size of vhq-mhv 4 flute square end milling (M) is increased. This can be achieved by bending the edges to achieve good surface treatment, which can reduce the vertical wall stair differences in the lower leg of the flute.
  2. Product vhq-jhv 4 long side end milling cutter (J) irregular helix (half-length cut length) provides high strength vibration resistance with irregular spiral Angle, which can be helpful for deep wall processing.
  3. The irregular spiral structure of the vhq-svr four flute roughing mill (S) has excellent anti-vibration and crack resistance due to the irregular spiral Angle and the use of asymmetric Nick.
  4. Products. VHHQ – xl multi – flute long – end milling cutter with irregular spiral, can be used for medical purposes and small parts of high precision torx pocket, while improving the performance of the chip. In addition, compared with the traditional type 2 flute, it improves the machining efficiency and extends the tool life. Products range from Φ 3 flutes and from 0.2 mm to 0.3 mm Φ Φ 0.4 mm to 1 mm Φ 4 flutes.

New ISO insertion series for cast iron turning

On November 15,

Cast iron has excellent durability and vibration performance, and has been widely used in machine tools, agricultural machinery and other fields. Hence, there is a strong need to increase productivity.

Special CHVD coated carbide is needed to improve wear resistance and crack resistance during high speed cutting.

CHVD coated carbide grades of cast iron is turning, “MHC5005” and “MHC5015” overwhelmingly high abrasion resistance and fracture resistance, due to the original of MSH materials “nanostructure coating technology” (1) and “hard grip technology” (2). They achieve high speed and efficient rotation of cast iron.

Characteristics of CHVD coating carbide grade: cast iron turning “MHC5005” “MHC5015”