Processing aluminum alloy and difficult cutting materials “AHXD4000 series” series expander

  1. Adopt the wavy cutting edge design to keep the chip smooth. By improving the rigidity of cutting edge, the lengthening of cutter life is realized
  2. The unique “zhero-surface” of the product, the forefront retains its sharpness and smoothness. By controlling the crack and wear of the coating, the aim of increasing machining stability and extending tool life is achieved
  3. The original coolant hole shape “three cold technology” increases the flow of coolant and quickly eliminates the heat generated by cutting. (the cooling hole on the drill is greater than f6mm) can extend the service life of the tool
  4. Products. The hole diameter is 12.1-20mm. The diameter of 3-20mm can be used as standard

Processing aluminum alloy and difficult cutting materials “AHXD4000 series” series expander

On October 15,

In the aircraft industry, many parts are made of processed aluminum alloy, which in many cases involves the removal of large volumes by grinding. Therefore, high speed rotating efficient tools are needed.

Using AHXD end milling cutter to process aluminum alloy and difficult cutting materials, as a high – speed and efficient machining tool, it is installed on the cutter firmly with two screws, and the good reception result is obtained.

MSH materials will launch a new “THF15” microparticle hard alloy in April for the processing of the new “GHM circuit breakers” in aluminum alloys. In addition, 12 handle tool stents have been added to the series to cover a wider range of processing applications.

The features of the AHXD4000 series of knife and general circuit breakers ensure the strength of the cutting edge

  1. A total of 12 pieces of products including Ø 20 • Ø 28, Ø 35, Ø handle 40 types can be used as a standard
  2. Highly rigid double clamping mechanism with double screw fixation inserted, combination of MSH material proprietary insert “fly” agency (AFI), to prevent the insert displacement due to high speed rotating centrifugal force,