Purpose of work transaction

  1. Purpose of work transaction

MSH materials advanced materials and tools are mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of hard alloy products for automobile, aircraft and other industrial equipments. As a comprehensive, hard alloy products manufacturer, has an integrated supply chain from raw materials and finished products using carbide product recycling, MSH material to take advantage of its development and production technology provides a wide range of tungsten carbide products, excellent abrasion resistance and chipping resistance. We offer these products to our customers through sales networks in over 60 countries around the world. In the future, by expanding our overseas sales network and in developing countries as the center of the production base, MSH materials will increase sales, in the field of automotive, aerospace and medical predicting sustained demand growth on a global scale. The MSH material aims to have a 10% or more global share in the hard alloy product market.

Hitachi metal, on the other hand, is based on material technology and development capabilities and has global operations in automotive, electronics, industrial infrastructure and aerospace. Recently, efforts to achieve a low-carbon society are being implemented in countries and regions around the world. In this case, in addition to concentrating its management resources on environmental products and accelerating market entry, Hitachi metals is working to strengthen its corporate profile and ensure sustained growth. Especially in its professional steel business, Hitachi metal is striving to improve its business base of tool steel through its unique material technology and development capabilities. The company has also expanded its business by using aerospace and energy-related products as a growth area. Hitachi tool with its corporate philosophy, through the development of technology for customers and contribute to the society, is an advanced tool of hard alloy products manufacturer, can achieve high precision, high efficiency, high speed machining.