Series expansion – “insert clip hole” is added to cast iron and sintered alloy “MBS140” CHBN level

so as to achieve the stability of the high speed machining. (it reaches its maximum. Spindle speed 27000 min. 1 Ø 80 mm the diameter of the milling cutter cutting edge.)

  1. The dip Angle and clearance Angle can improve the crack resistance. In addition, the connection between the first small cutting edge and the second small cutting edge is round, which improves the finish. Through the combination of TF15, hard alloy provides good anti-fracture performance for the discontinuous processing of aluminum alloy.

On the basis of MHP9120, 10 items using the 0.4-5.0 angular radius will be standardized.

Series expansion – “insert clip hole” is added to cast iron and sintered alloy “MBS140” CHBN level

On October 15,

Cast iron has excellent durability and vibration performance, and has been widely used in machine tools, agricultural machinery and other fields. Hence, there is a strong need to increase productivity.

The MHBS140 and CHBN grades of cast iron and sintered alloys have been well received, which is a high strength cutting and high efficiency processing grade. The insertion of the movement occurs in the deep cut of the cast metal or the cutting of the traditional MHBS140, and the insertion only applies to the clamp type of fixator because there is no hole.

This time, we have solved the problem of insertion in deep and high efficiency processing, increasing the clamping rigidity by increasing the insertion of the clamp hole.

Cast iron and sintered alloy “MHBS140” solid CHBN rating characteristics

  1. The product achieves a deeper cut than the CHBN brazing tool, because the insertion is made entirely from the sintered CHBN
  2. High speed and high efficiency machining in cast iron rough machining.
  3. The product is inserted with the clip hole as the standard. It increases the rigidity of the fixture and inserts without a clip hole. The motion problems inserted in deep and efficient machining have been solved.

The “full face CHBN with hole” is added to the “MHB4020” CHBN hierarchy of “MHB4020”.