Work side milling and pocket milling

1. Work side milling and pocket milling
AHRP series: problems associated with fracturing and fracturing occurred in the rough processing of titanium alloys caused by wafer types. The AHRP series inserts can be in three circuit breaker geometry and new MHP9130 tool levels. This combination can produce stable machining effect when it is processed and processed with titanium alloy.
Cool-star series: during processing of titanium alloy, low heat is produced during processing due to low thermal conductivity during processing. This leads to the production of welding problems, so it is necessary to prevent heat generation and effectively remove the chips. The cool-star series is designed on the flute of the tool through the cooling hole many times. This ensures effective cooling and improved chip evacuation.
1. Internal and external turnover
The cutting performance of MHP9015 in nickel-base alloy was studied.
MHP9015 is suitable for low-speed cutting of nickel-base alloy.
2. A copy of the will
Nickel-base alloy processing requires sharp edge geometry.
Using GS circuit breaker can reduce cutting resistance and improve tool life.
1. Work spiral cutting and milling
Based on Ni, the softening temperature of alloy 718 is more than 800. Under these temperatures, it is difficult to process materials because of the lower bearing and tensile strength.
Ceramic end mills can effectively heat up heat and self-generated heat through ultra-high feed and speed softening processing materials.
2. The upper surface resistance is inserted into the protruding material
When working with nickel-base alloy, the thermal conductivity is low, and it needs a good balance cutting edge and excellent coating when working hardening.
The APX series extended cutter life, mainly due to optimized cutting edge geometry and new level insertion.
3. Product drilling
The key is how to cool the cutting edge in the nickel-based alloy.
By using a coolant technology with high pressure coolant, three cooling techniques can greatly extend the life of the cutter.