Fhope pallet changing machine

180° Pallet Inverter

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The utility model discloses a tray turnover machine, which comprises a base, four columns are fixed on the top surface of the base, the top of the column is fixed and supported by the upper beam frame, the two columns on the left and the right are symmetrically arranged, taking the left side as an example, a double acting cylinder is arranged between the two columns, a support part is fixed under the middle part of the two columns, and a support part is vertically arranged on the support part Each guide post is fixed with a sliding sleeve, and the four sliding sleeves on the left and right sides are jointly fixed with a center beam slider; the left rear corner and the right front corner of the base are respectively vertically fixed with a support seat, and the top of the support seat is fixed with a deceleration drive machine and a turning shaft, and the deceleration drive machine and the turning shaft are jointly set with a turning table. The utility model realizes mold closing through double acting cylinders, and sets up a turning table jointly by the deceleration drive machine and the turning shaft, and the turning table drives the lower template under the drive of the deceleration drive machine to realize angle turning.