Copper plate wrapping line

automatic slitting coil packing line


More information:

Fhope automatic copper wire wrapping production line includes feeding machine, conveying line, winding packaging machine and conveying roller. In addition, coil stackers and palletizers can be used to connect packing lines. Flexible solution is specially designed for copper coil packaging!

The specification design of the copper packaging line is connected to the warehouse by the production line through the coil conveyor. We provide different designs and equipment to ensure that you achieve maximum efficiency in terms of packaging function requirements and packaging speed. The automation solution realizes unmanned operation and is convenient and quick.

Fhope packaging company produces all kinds of copper wire packaging production lines with good quality, which are recognized by the market. Good and efficient packaging machine can be provided as required.

What is technical design

Technical design is to structure the principle design to determine the shape, quantity and material size of parts, and to calculate the power, power, strength and rigidity of key parts in main components.

According to the function, the system is divided into many modules, and the same functional unit in the packaging machine is designed into modules with different performance and interchangeability. Through different combinations of modules, the packaging machine is multi serialized. Functionalization is the core idea of modular design. The advantages of this method are as follows:

1. Speed up the renewal of packaging machine. Due to the replacement of new models, it is usually a partial improvement. Introduce advanced technology into corresponding modules, so as to realize local improvement easily;

2. Stable and reliable mechanical performance. Due to the large population base, low per capita consumption level compared with developed countries, and huge differences between urban and rural areas, the design of packaging system should be based on good quality and low price, and we should never blindly pursue high-end. Safety, reliability, environmental protection and low noise must be considered. This reflects the optimization of principle, manufacturing, structure and modeling.

3. Reduce cost and facilitate maintenance;

4. Shorten the design cycle. When users put forward product requirements, only need to replace the module, or design and manufacture part of the module, can make a new model to meet the needs;