Coil packing solution

The coil packing machine for big and small coil wrapping.

Coil packing machine

The answers to the following questions. It is the information double checking for organize the delivery of the machine. then please check with the supplier in providing this information before packaging and delivery.

  • In regard of the width of the ring, in the pictures I can’t see it clearly, so I don’t know if it’s 45mm or how much it is, so confirm that too. Give this information.
  • Which is the total width of the dispenser including the stretch film roll, with a width of 120mm. Is this 230mm? Give this information.
  • We need you to tell me the total width of the ring + dispenser with the Stretch film roll, as in the picture I can’t tell. Give this information.
  • Being the inner diameter of the wire coil of 400mm and introducing a stretch film roll with external diameter of 180mm and width of 120mm, which free space we have inside the wire coil in the two sides of the coil (right and left)? Give this information.
  • We need the layout to be in STEP format in order to observe if using a 180mm film roll of external diameter, 800mm width of wire coil and 400mm internal diameter of wire coil, if there is possibility of collision in the machine. We will be waiting to get the STEP.