Characteristics of PHVD coated hard alloy VHP15TF/VHP20RT

Characteristics of PHVD coated hard alloy VHP15TF/VHP20RT

  1. Product VHP15TF/VHP20RT can help prevent cutting and fracturing during low cutting speed, intermittent machining, wet casting and ductile iron.
  2. When the coating is combined with high wear and anti-fracture hard alloy matrix, the stable machining process is improved.
  3. With excellent heat resistance and oxidation resistance, the VHP15TF and VHP20RT grades achieve stable processing. In addition, high adhesion strength can improve the tool life of the base material.

Series expansion – steel and cast iron MQS series of solid carbide

On April 14,

The MHQS drill series USES a special PHVD coating that prevents breakage during steel and cast iron, which is the main reason for the rupture. In addition, the special geometry provides excellent chip control and cutting edge power, making longer tool life compared to earlier products. In order to meet the requirement of deep hole drilling, L/D = 8 is added to the MHQS series.

The feature is the MHQS series

  1. The product tricooling technology increases the flow of coolant and quickly eliminates the heat generated by cutting.

(only in exercise than Φ 6 cooling holes).

  1. Special multi – layer PHVD coatings adopt special crystal control technology to prevent the welding and cutting of diamond steel and cast iron.
  2. Product corrugated cutting edges, designed for steel and cast iron, have excellent chip control and cutting edge strength.
  3. The unique triple boundary of the product provides the optimal control coolant to the edge of the drill, thus reducing the damage.

New high feed milling cutter FHMAX

On March 16,

A special alloy steel and aluminum body in FHMAX tool assembly, providing rigidity and lightweight.

The new high feed face milling cutter FHMAX is designed with ultra-fine pitch and provides ultra-high efficiency machining.

This helps to achieve efficient processing of F. (cutter diameter 125mm,24 teeth, processed aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous metals) FHMAX is efficient in processing, especially in the high feeding process of auto parts.