Cut test library for cutting test

Cut test library for cutting test

The actual machining performance of MSH material cutting tool is introduced.

Production line diagnostic line diagnosis

The technician will identify the problem in your entire production line and personal process and propose the best solution to improve your productivity.

Tool recommendations for tools

We recommend that the most suitable cutting tools and conditions reflect the latest needs of customers.

Machining simulationsimulation

We use the main CHAD and CHAM at home and abroad to visualize the cutting process that best suits your production improvements.

Telephone technical consultation

The domestic free telephone technology consulting service provides customers with consulting services from tool experts.

Education services

Training courses on the basis of customer experience and skills, in providing extensive scope, including an introductory course, metal cutting beginners learn basic theories and skills, and intermediate courses, in order to improve the technology.


Our training courses range from foundation to application, and there are many specialized courses, such as tool damage improvement.

E-learning (expert plan) e-learning (expert plan)

Our e-learning courses offer a variety of learning courses, including rotary, milling, drilling, work and tool materials that can be used on PHC and other tablet devices.


We are surrounded by many metal objects in our daily life. Do you know how these products are made?

There are many methods of machine metal, but the most common method is cutting. Here, we will learn how to cut tools and cut processes. What do we mean by cutting tools?

First, let’s look at some examples of knives in daily life. Knives and gratings in the kitchen, scissors and pencil sharpeners on the table, saw and planes in the pantry are cutting tools.

These cutting tools share a common feature that they change the shape of objects by cutting and producing chips.