drill for drilling

Brad and spur drill for drilling graphite, carbon enhanced polymer (CFRP) and aramid fiber reinforced composites.
209 ts HP 5X coolant fed hole solid carbide heavy. For more stringent drilling applications, similar to the hi-tuff drill (series 205). Improve efficiency in deep holes. 135 degrees.
210 ts GHP 3 flute drill for highly alloyed black metal including stainless steel, nickel-base alloy and titanium. 135 degrees.
The 242t GHP 5X bit is used for drilling cast iron, aluminum, bronze and magnesium alloy abrasive, but easy to process, material.
The GGP 3X bit is designed for drilling of cast iron, aluminum, bronze and magnesium. Very similar to our standard staff training.
3000ts GHP 5X drill 1/2 (38mm) LOA. Used for drilling soft metal and glass reinforced circuit boards, phenolic epoxy resin and other abrasive materials
Ts 302 drill
306xs ts large size circuit board drill xs bit diameter drill
In the long production run, or when the need for accurate centering is needed, the 402 hard alloy center drill is designed.
Hard alloy structure, short length & no body clearance = very hard tool
The 405 hard alloy center drill 5 loa designed to keep accurate central holes in long production runs, or when precise centering is required.
The 180NTC XHR7 type end face milling cutter, the unique design of the pitch type grin DHIN geometry can promote continuous and non-vibration cutting, no matter the depth or width of the cutting
277 tc XHT x4 FL HP End Mill variable helix enhancement Angle protection neck, length and length of the length of the foreign minister are available
277n ct XHT 4fl HP End Mill Variable Helix necked enhancement Angle ction
End with a global radius.
In tin, TiALN and TICN coating, 145 tc GP 3 slot ball nose milling cutter. End with a global radius. Metric size.
In tin, TiALN and TICN coating, 150 tc GP 2 slot ball nose milling cutter. End with a global radius. Microsize and standard size and metric size.