economical shrink packaging

Let’s take a look at the best shrink wrap.

Our single-step shrink wrappers can eliminate the traditional “L” seal and tunnel manual operation. Now, the world’s most economically contractive packaging method can be bought in North America.

Fpc1 is a step wrapper.

Its specifications. The IMPSMT is 1622.220 v / 1 Phase which is its power supply. The sealing area is 16. Max “x 22”. Its product height is 8. Its packaging speed is 6-8 p/m.M ax. The Machine footprint is 29.5 x 57.5. The shipping weight is about 350 pounds.

A description of its products.

Fpc1 single-step wrappers can be used to eliminate traditional ffpc2 applications, so we also say that it is the most economical shrink packaging method! !

In one of the shrink wrappers, a step wrapper is called 2. The best seals and contractions are provided by it only one step at a time. This shrink wrappers machine allows you to have a clean seal that can be ensured. A manual clamping device is also configured to help prevent product damage while the operator’s safety can be greatly improved. A transparent hood is also equipped, as it allows you to watch the process and quickly adjust to ensure that the best packaging can be achieved. A reliable perforating device has shrunk and a sealed bag can be ensured. The heavy-duty caster is equipped with it, so it can be more portable.

Its features:

The first is the big 16 “x22” seal. The second feature is the perfluoroethylene coating seal. The third feature is dual magnet clamps. The fourth feature is the function of sealing, sealing and contracting. The fifth feature is adjustable seal time. The sixth feature is an overheating protection function. The seventh feature is the cradle design of fast film loading. The eighth feature is its thin film micro-perforator. The ninth feature is the adjustable load table. The tenth feature is that it can clamp the safety device manually. The eleventh characteristic is that it belongs to heavy castings. The twelfth characteristic is that it has a strong steel structure. The thirteenth characteristic is the maintenance cost is very low. The fourteenth feature is that the electric plate used is convenient. The fifteenth feature is a durable lacquer finish.

Here are its advantages:

First it is a step to seal and contract. Second, it is very convenient to use and maintain. And wrapping machine has the advantages of flexibility, flexibility and security.