pallet packaging, sealing and shrinking


Canada’s leading shrink packaging equipment and packaging supplies supplier is fpc1 packaging. The shrinkable packaging system, pallet packaging, sealing, bag sealing, tagging system, industrial printer, shrink tunnel, bundle packing, table/filling and sealing are our packing solution is included. We are providing packaging solutions to meet the needs of each customer.

The most comprehensive customer service project in the packaging industry is also provided by us. Because we have high-quality service personnel, extensive parts, and practical training, your equipment can be guaranteed for its best performance.

We by the best technical support to customers, pricing, and application of knowledge provided to you, the purpose is to reduce cost and improve productivity, so that customers in the process of competition with others, can be in the lead.

What is an automatic packer? It is a fully automatic fpc1 sealing machine. The shrinkable film is folded in the center, conveying the product to the film and entering the sealing area. In vertical or horizontal photocell sensor, the choice of sensor in measuring the length and thickness of the product is automatic, and the steps to activate the sealing pliers, complete a perfect seal is its purpose. Once the product is sealed, the conveyor will automatically send the sealed product into the contraction process. In the process, the scrolls blow up the waste of the shrinkable film also automatic.

Is it not certain which brand is best for your application? You can contact us and our sales representatives will be pleased to find the perfect match for you.

Let’s look at the product description for fpc1.

Fpc1 model fpc2 sales are very good! !

Fpc1 model fpc2 has another advantage of rugged durability and, in price, a special economy. A large 14 “x18” sealing area is provided by one of the largest fpc3 systems, and it also has the advantages of low voltage pulse sealing system and solid-state temperature control.

Let’s look at its features:

First of all, it is easy to load tunable. A solid steel control bracket is also equipped with a stable product loading platform fpc2. The electromagnetic seal clamp is its standard feature and is a variable speed ptfe conveyor tunnel. A shift conveyor is also included in this system.

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