Rough pocket milling

  1. Product roughening

When using low-stiffness tools, cutting edge cutting and abnormal damage can occur when processing titanium alloy. High hardness tools and low cutting resistance are recommended. Stable processing is possible because the VHFX series has a high rigidity design, and the cutting resistance is lower because of the cutting edge of the convex curve and the v-shaped formation of the clamping surface.

  1. Rough pocket milling

When processing titanium alloy, it is easy to have cutting edge, cutting edge and vibration.

The AHPX series has a unique convex curved cutting edge and a high rigidity cutter with internal coolant holes, which can be used for stable processing.

  1. Finished pocket milling

The indexable bit has the sharpness and stability of accurate balance, and the efficient machining of large parts is realized.

  1. Contour machining

The indexable milling cutter has low cutting resistance and stable machining performance.

  1. Product face milling

Indexable milling cutter has fine and extra fine tuning options to reduce costs while improving productivity in ductile iron machining.

  1. The drilling

With the indexable bit and CHVD diamond coating blade, the GHFRP component of long knife life and high precision machining is realized.

The characteristics of MHS6015

  1. In the case of low cutting speed of 50 ~150 m/min, the accumulated ti-cn base coating has excellent wear resistance and is usually used in small parts made of carbon steel. In addition, the adhesion of the substrate is enhanced by optimizing the accumulated coating structure.
  2. Compared with conventional carbon steel, MHS6015 has excellent welding performance and has good surface treatment and size consistency.
  3. The circuit breakers for small automatic lathes will be used as standard inventory to cover a wide range of workpiece materials and applications.

New diamond coated dc end milling cutter series hard, brittle materials