aluminum ceramic materials cutting tool

The ceramic class has unique wear resistance, toughness and anti-stripping performance, which is the result of adding silica powder to alumina. HG1 is mainly used for processing continuous aviation alloy processing because of its production efficiency and reliability characteristics. Due to its excellent thermal shock performance, HG1 can also be used in gray and hardened steel.


Good side wear resistance

The best notch wear resistance is compared to the competitor’s “need to strengthen” ceramics.

The enhancement of toughness is compared with that of competitors

Silicon nitrogen ceramics

The fracture toughness of ceramic-ceramic materials based on silicon-based ceramics is about double that of aluminum ceramic materials. Their fracture toughness is almost the same as that of some carbides. Silicon nitride ceramics enable users to perform high – speed processing, while traditional ceramic levels cannot be performed, including milling cast iron and interrupted cutting.



In the application with notch wear, excellent wear resistance

Stable tool life in applications requiring thermal shock resistance: wet machining or milling

Long knife life and high cutting speed



Wear resistance and abrasion resistance of high strength silicon nitride ceramics.

Use minimal edge preparation to achieve low tool pressure

It can also be used for completion

High resistance to oxidation and adhesion. The ceramic utilizes thermochemical stable alumina. The ceramic is best suited for high speed cutting applications where the cutting temperature is high and there is no coolant.

Alumina ceramics based on high pure aluminum enhanced hard alloy ceramics. The result of this process is that ceramic materials perform well under wet or dry cutting conditions. As an additional advantage, hardness and toughness have been improved to enable some of the interrupted cutting to be processed. This ceramic material has high thermal hardness and low plasticity. It needs to be cut and hardened.

HF2 characteristic

The equilibrium content of aluminum oxide and titanium carbide (Al2O3+TiC) under pressure

Stable performance under extensive machining conditions

Universal ceramics works well in a wide range of cutting applications