NFGX23525 has highly hardened composite particles in its microstructure, this class has excellent abrasion resistance and anti-fracture properties.

To make the chip control is wider in scope for mild steel finishing mill, combined with light used for cutting the SGHY of circuit breaker, as well as carbon and alloy steel cutting SA circuit breaker have been added to the NFGX23525 range.

The characteristics of the FHY, SHY, SHA

  1. Due to the design of wave edges, the new three circuit breakers include copying and bending.
  2. The circuit breaker can effectively control the adhesion chip and is suitable for light steel.
  3. The switch can effectively control the adhesive film, which is suitable for light cutting of low carbon steel.
  4. SHA breakers can provide excellent chip control when light cutting carbon and alloy steel.

Series expansion – PHVD coated carbide level added to AHQX multi-function indexable blade series

On August 3,

MSH materials company, advanced materials and tools (President – Fumio Tsurumaki, headquarters: 1-3-2 Otemachi, Tokyo chiyoda – ku) has for AHQX multi-function indexable insert series products launched new PHVD coated carbide grade.

AHQX end milling cutter adopts center cutting edge design and has a good reputation of multi-function milling cutter. Five types of PHVD coated carbide grades provide better heat resistance and abrasion resistance. The cumulative al-ti-cr-n PHVD coating has a multi-layer coating that can prevent any crack from penetrating to the substrate and can significantly improve the crack resistance.

Two new levels of MHP6120 and MHP6130 have been added for processing steel, and the new MP7130 and MHP7140 have been added for stainless steel processing. In addition, MHP9120 is added for processing titanium alloys to complement the existing range.

The characteristics of PHVD coating carbide grades

  1. The MHP6120 and MHP6130 of working processing steel provide excellent thermal crack and welding performance by adopting (Al,Cr)N coating.