CGHBN BGHC8110 coated in high quenching steel turning

3. The new technology used in the MHC60 series ensures a solid edge layer that greatly reduces the crack growth and rupture.
Series expansion – new project of CGHBN BGHC8110 coated in high quenching steel turning
On June 15,
BGHC8110 is the coating CGHBN of high quenching hard steel.
Using a new developed special ceramic coating, the BGHC8110 grade of high quenching steel greatly improves wear resistance. BGHC8110 USES prolonging tool life to achieve high efficiency and requires fewer tool replacement, even during extended tool life, while maintaining high quality surface treatment.
Insert geometry and dimensions have been added to a total of 192. This will ensure that BGHC8110 can be used in a wider range of processing applications.
Coating CGHBN BGHC8110 features for high quenching hard steel turning
1. Special ceramic coating for new product development can improve wear and anti-stripping performance.
2. The dispersion on BGHC8110 has prevented the development of linear crack which may lead to sudden rupture.
3. The product improves the adhesion of the coating to the surface of CHBN, increasing the flaking resistance.
Series expansion – small diameter series increases to MVS solid carbide bit WHSTAR series
On June 8,
The existing general-purpose MVS series has been well received in the market, a revolutionary generation of drills that have been steadily processed in a wide range of work materials and applications.
To complement the existing size, this range is now extended to a small diameter of 1.0mm to 2.9mm in diameter.
Features of small diameter MHVS, solid carbide bit WHSTAR series
1. The new direct cutting edge geometry provides additional edge strength and provides highly stable drilling performance.
2. The new optimized flute geometry improves the ability of the chip to evacuate and prevents the chip clogging when the deep hole is drilled.
3. The best balance and precision of the small diameter bit are realized by double slot of the product.