Series expansion – large diameter project increases to MHVX indexable drill series

  1. The product can increment by 0.1 mm increment phi 1.0 phi 2.9.
  2. Products. L/D= 2 can be used for piloting holes, and L/D= 7, 12, 20, 25, 30 can be used as the standard to provide deep hole drilling capability.

Series expansion – large diameter project increases to MHVX indexable drill series

On June 8,

The existing MHVX drill provides a good economic benefit because of the four corners insertion and the high cutting performance and long tool life. This is due to the best positioning of external and internal inserts.

In addition, because L/D = 6 is the same as the standard length version, there is good reception for deep hole processing in the market.

In addition, the diameter of the diameter of 42mm – 63mm increased by 40mm.

The characteristics of the MHVX indexable drill series.

  1. Product 4 corner insertion provides an excellent economy.
  2. Long tool life can be achieved by applying the most appropriate level to external and internal inserts.
  3. The geometrical shape of the cutting edge wiper in the outer space of the product has achieved good hole wall accuracy.

Series expansions – new cutter body and insert added to WSX445 series low cutting resistance, double-side insert face milling cutter general processing

On May 15,

With proprietary double Z geometry WHSX445 series was well welcomed in the market, because it is a revolutionary face milling cutter, due to the double sided insert (4 Angle insert) provides a good economy. It also USES the features of positive and negative angles to achieve low cutting resistance.

The diameter phi 63 and phi 80 have been added to the hilt and a new H – type chipbreaker and L chipbreaker non-ferrous alloy cutting has been added to the existing range. In addition, MC5020 has also added a new CHVD coating grade cast iron machining to allow for a wider range of applications.