Coating tools

MSH materials has developed percussion drilling tools in Japan for more than 60 years. MSH is a real global player and provides high quality products for the global market. Currently, we are supplying more than 50 countries and continue to increase sales areas.

MSH’s tool products are made of high – resistant steel and we produce tungsten carbide inserts in Japan. These tungsten carbide inserts are designed and produced by experienced engineers using state-of-the-art computer technology.

MSH material has been the leader in the promotion of the highest drilling efficiency in the mining, construction and quarrying industries.

Coating tools

Slot die

Coating tool, groove die, for LCD panel, high functional film and lithium ion secondary battery precision coating.

Micro – fine cemented carbide is used for slot – cutting edge. Our high – precision products are made by superior processing technology and strict temperature control.

Application range includes

・ lithium ion batteries



・ capacitor

・ function of film

・ thin film solar cells, organic solar cells

・ fuel cell


・ optical thin film

Application range includes

High precision proprietary grinding technology

Our grinding technology allows us to increase the uniformity of the coating and the sharp coating of 2 mu m/m.

・ wet film thickness: 3 mu m – 1 mm

The CPS – 30000 CPS ・ viscosity: about 1

Various coating modes

It can be used for intermittent coating, stripe coating and patch coating.

Slot width adjustment system

Bolt to adjust

・ manually adjust for finer control

・ expansion and contraction of lip gap

Digipress adjustment

・ quantitative process control

・ consistency and repeatability

User friendly ・ digital output

・ sliding module for the adjustment of the target area

The lips of tungsten carbide

Submicrocrystalline hard alloy THF15