The milling cutter

The milling cutter and other rotary tools have sharp edges. Handling them by hand can be harmful.

Take precautions, such as wearing gloves.

  • the balance or eccentricity of the tool may cause vibration and vibration, thus causing the tool to fracture and be expelled.

The cutting speed is applied within the recommended cutting conditions.

* regularly adjust the accuracy and balance of the spindle and the bearing to prevent the rotation and chatter of the center on these parts.

The drilling tool, when the workpiece rotates, may produce a disc-shaped skin ice by cutting, and it will have sharp edges when the cutting tool breaks through.

* make sure to use safety goggles and goggles.

Also install a lid on the chuck.

  • a very small drill has a very sharp point, which can puncture the skin if handled carelessly. If the bit breaks during the cutting, the debris may be expelled.

* handle with care. Take preventive measures, such as wearing gloves and goggles.

The weakening of brazing tool • brazing and the breaking of insert can cause damage.

* before using, make sure they are safe.

* don’t use it at high temperatures.

If machines and tools are used for other purposes rather than prescribed purposes, they may be damaged.

* strictly follow the rules.


This product catalog has completed the basic preventive measures for the safe use of our products.

For further information, please refer to the guidelines, catalogues or contact us. We are not in charge of any accident caused by the modification tool without our permission.

Coating tool, groove die, for LCD panel, high functional film and lithium ion secondary battery precision coating.

Micro – fine cemented carbide is used for slot – cutting edge. Our high – precision products are made by superior processing technology and strict temperature control.