Cutting tools

Cutting tools and workpieces become very hot during cutting. Touching them by hand can cause burns.

Take precautions, such as wearing gloves.

  • the heat chip that comes out of the cutting process can cause injuries and burns.

* make sure to use safety goggles and goggles.

* during the cutting and machine cleaning process, the machine is stopped and put on gloves. Use tools such as pliers and pliers.

  • the risk of fire is caused by cutting, sparing, hot chips and heat caused by broken tools.

* avoid using cutting tools where possible fire.

* if you use non-water-soluble oil, make sure you have fire prevention measures.

  • using machines, chucks and tools at high speeds may cause the tool to break, leading to injury risk.

* make sure to use safety goggles and goggles.

* check the vibration, vibration and abnormal noise of the machine.

  • the use of bare hands to handle mechanical parts may cause damage.

* wear gloves.

Indexable insert tool. If insert and spare parts are not strong, they may become loose and be ejected from the danger of injury.

* please clean the seat and parts before setting insertion.

* use the provided tools to set inserts and ensure that inserts and spares are securely clamped. Do not use tools other than specified inserts and spare parts.

  • use tools such as extension of pipes, which are too tightly clamped and can cause them to break and be expelled.

* don’t use extra tools to increase your leverage. Use only tools provided.

  • for high speed cutting, parts and gaskets may be discharged due to centrifugal force.

Pay special attention to each security guide.

* see handling explanatory notes and directories. Use tools in recommended cutting conditions.