After grinding the cutter

Please refer to SDS (security data table) for more information.

Safety data sheet (safety data sheet)

  1. Product processing tool products
  • surface conditions affect the toughness of cutting tools. Therefore, diamond wheel dressing is used.
  • hard tool materials are also very hard and brittle. As a result, they may be damaged by shock and excessive force.
  • the thermal expansion ratio of hard tool materials and iron materials is different. When the application temperature is above or below the appropriate temperature of the tool, shrinkage or expansion fit products may crack.
  • special attention to the storage of hard tool materials. Due to corrosion of coolant and other liquids, the toughness of cemented carbide materials is reduced.
  • if the temperature is too high or too low, the melting point of the brazing material may be loose and fractured.

After grinding the cutter, make sure there is no crack.

  • working hard tool materials on EHDM can cause surface cracks because the remaining electrons in the edm can crack, thus reducing toughness. These cracks are eliminated by grinding.

All knives have sharp cutting edges. Handling them by hand can be harmful. * take precautions, such as wearing gloves, especially during handling and installation.

  • improper use of tools and improper cutting conditions can lead to tool breakage and be removed from the machine to provide risk of injury. * make sure to use safety goggles and goggles.

* see handling comments and directories.

Use tools in recommended cutting conditions.

  • the impact load caused by excessive wear and rapid increase of cutting resistance can lead to tool breakage and be removed from the machine, resulting in damage risk. * make sure to use safety goggles and goggles.

Replace the replacement tool before excessive wear and tear.