The growth inhibitors of our submicron carbide have maintained the most stable particle size, giving you superior hardness and toughness.

Variable 4 slot design interrupts harmonic vibration

Improved feed and speed, superior finished products and longer tool life.

  • ideal rough grinding, on the periphery and slotting functions
  • difficult to process alloys in our proprietary and proven PowerHA(AlTiN) and optional nanocomposite PowerNHR(nACRo)
  • you can also see our Ultra performance VH4 line
  • impressive mix variable flute, thicker core and eccentricity surface relief, increasing performance and value.
  • a strong, stable performer ensures that no chatter is provided and an aggressive material removal rate is provided.

Available in PowerHA(AlTiN) and nanocomposite PowerNHR (nACRo), where tools – life requires the best coating

  • 5 groove design


  • high performance and broad-spectrum semi – trimming machine
  • stainless steel, high temperature alloy, die steel, 45 Rc, etc

45 °, 5 flutes, spiral, eccentric provides a smooth cutting grinding action

First-class chip evacuation.

  • more than 20% productivity improvement, not four grooves

The minimum tool deflection equals better partial tolerance

  • stub, standard and long length, at the end of the square and the corner radius option

Coated with PowerHA (AlTiN)


6 flute, high performance finished products, provide high quality stainless steel materials

Steel, nickel alloy, steel, titanium etc

45 °, spiral degree provides first-class chip evacuation and good shear action.

  • reduce load pressure and ultra-hard design, promote less vibration and best light consolidation applications.

Coated with PowerA (AlTiN)


High performance aluminum alloy milling performance design

  • combining high shear and high rake geometry

2 and 3 flute, square head, corner radius and ball style

  • can be used in uncoated and optional power z (zirconium nitride) coatings
  • chipset selection, chip control or spindle horsepower is a problem


Metal removal rate of aluminum and nonferrous metals

45 °, spiral increase stiffness and improve the surface finish.

  • 2 tank design

Aluma – Zip

High performance 2 flute design, high metal cutting rate, aluminum

And non-ferrous materials