Multi-blade cutter


Used for large, small pin hole rough processing and fine processing of the combination of tools. The definition of Rz value is realized for pre-processed ISO insertion and fine machining easy adjustment system.


The knife has 6 cutting edges and distribution, cutting 4 + 2(4 pre-processing cutting edges and 2 fine machining cutting edges) and easy adjustment system and HX indexable blade for processing cylinder holes.


The multi-step fine boring tool and easyuhnk-system and THEC indexable blade are perforated on the gearbox and valve housing, and the size precision requires IT5 and IT6.


Single blade reamer and easy adjustment system, indexable connection of indexable system, indexable insert, four or six cutting edges to process precise holes.


Multi-blade cutter (z = 5) to process the bearing cover of cast iron shaft sleeve.

External reaming tools


The external reamer with easyuhnk-system and THEC indexable insert replaces the shift of the GHJS part, and also produces better dimensional precision. Combined with adaptive MAL floating bracket to correct axial bias, increase tool life, part quality, thus machining reliability. (for lathe)


The external reamer with the easy adjustment system and THEC can be combined with the external reamer combined with a MAL hydraulic clamping head when processing the connection on the exhaust manifold. (for processing center)

3 wire boring bar/long fine boring tool


Double metal crankshaft bearing hole (aluminum – GJL) semi-finishing and finishing.


The highest precision and dimension precision of the semi-finished and finished camshaft bearing hole with aluminum.


Line boring bar, used for semi-finishing and processing of crankshaft bearing, and bearing on special fixture. The short working time and the direct axis are guaranteed.

  1. Precision boring tool with 5 fixtures for special design


Before applying thermal spray coating, use special tools to coarsen aluminum cylinders. Cylinder diameter processing, determination of inventory clearance. The comb inserts the rectangular outline of the machine, forming a ball to produce a weakened mechanical serrated coating.


Special tools, with four indexable blades (z = 4) and guide pads on one side, are cut in a serious interrupt on a pump case made of gjsh-400.

Mastercut advanced carbide hybrid – a-gr-siv (active)

Size of grain size

Our high quality tungsten carbide gives you the ability to be aggressive when you need it.