MHC5005 and MHC5015 features

72 new inserts have been added. These additions further extend the range of angular geometry, with angular radius and crusher allowing a wider range of applications.

MHC5005 and MHC5015 features

  1. Work by combining the latest coating technology, MHC5005 has achieved excellent wear resistance, an extra thick Al2O3 coating.
  2. Through optimized crystal growth, nano film technology has excellent wear resistance and anti-stripping performance.
  3. The strict control technology of product patents prevents the layers of coating, because the interface between layers is controlled at the nanoscale, allowing the rigid grip layer to be extremely high adhesion to prevent stratification.
  4. According to machining conditions, cast iron turning slices can be selected. The circuit breaker ranges from the sharp cutting edge of the cutting resistance to the cutting edge strength through the crushing machine to cut off the size of the material.

Series expansion – MS + carbide end milling cutter series

On November 25,


The MHS plus end mill has a good reputation for stabilizing tool life when machining various workpiece materials. General steel is hardened steel to 50HRC, usually used in mold industry. Now the MHS plus side milling cutter series has been further extended to include a bulb nose type, MHP3XB, which is an ideal rough milling for long suspension applications and semi-finishing moulds (40-50 HRC).

MHP3XB,MHS plus end mill series features

  1. The work USES MS + coating because it can show excellent wear resistance on various workpiece materials from carbon steel to hardened steel to 50HRC.
  2. Because of the high helical groove with strong cutting edge, a good balance between tool life and chip discharge performance is achieved.
  3. Products can achieve stable tool life even under high load conditions, such as long application and semi-finishing of rough milling.

Series expansion – add a new wiper to the WHSX445 series of low cutting resistance for general machined double-sided face milling cutter