On November 5,


A new type of WSX cutter provides a good economy of double insertion (4 Angle insertion), and the lower cutting resistance is achieved by using the characteristics of traditional positive and negative Angle insertion.

The cutting edge inserted by wiper is wider than the standard insertion, and ensures that all incoming material step markers are removed to ensure high quality surface treatment.

The characteristics of the wiper in the CHVD coating of MHC5020

  1. Working double-sided insertion provides an excellent economy.
  2. MHC5020 has excellent abrasion resistance and thermal cracking resistance, which can prevent the grinding of ductile iron in the process of cutting.
  3. The product improves the adhesion of the coating to the substrate surface and increases the flaking resistance. Smooth surface, good resistance to adhesion, abnormal damage and weld cracks.

Series extension – insert items added to the MVX indexable series

On November 5,

The existing MVHX drill provides good economic benefits due to the four corners insertion and the high cutting performance and long tool life. This is due to the best positioning of external and internal inserts.

In addition, since L/D = 6 is the same as the standard length version, MVHX is well received in the market.

Provide longer tool life when drilling stainless steel, new American circuit breaker; Welding and high fracture resistance, has been added to the drill diameter greater than 33.5 ㎜ range.

The characteristics of the American stainless steel switch

  1. The optimal cutting edge geometry provides longer tool life for stainless steel applications.
  2. The geometrical shape of the cutting blade in the outer week reaches good wall accuracy.
  3. The product U.S. circuit breaker adopts welding grade VHP15TF, which can prevent the internal inlaying of abnormal damage.

New coated CHBN BHC8120 for high hardening steel turning