MHP91120 MHP6120 characteristics

MHP91120 MHP6120 characteristics

  1. Both grades used a cumulative al-ti-cr-n PHVD coating with excellent wear resistance, heat resistance and weldability.
  2. Multi-layer coating can prevent any crack from penetrating into the matrix and can significantly improve the crack resistance.
  3. The product by using one of the best “every workpiece layer” concept, MP9120 used for cutting hard processing material provides excellent welding resistance and MHP6120 steel processing, provides excellent heat resistance.

New PHVD coating carbide level MHS6015 for carbon steel

The new MHS6015 PHVD coating carbide level guarantees the surface polishing and good dimensional precision of carbon and free cutting steel on small automatic lathes. The combination of special hard alloy matrix and new PHVD coating provides good surface treatment.

In addition, in order to ensure the applicability of the widget application, a negative tolerance is designed in the corner radius.

The characteristics of MHS6015

  1. In the case of low cutting speed of 50 ~150 m/min, the accumulated ti-cn base coating has excellent wear resistance and is usually used in small parts made of carbon steel. In addition, the adhesion of the substrate is enhanced by optimizing the accumulated coating structure.
  2. Compared with conventional carbon steel, MHS6015 has excellent welding performance and has good surface treatment and size consistency.
  3. The circuit breakers for small automatic lathes will be used as standard inventory to cover a wide range of workpiece materials and applications.

New diamond coated dc end milling cutter series hard, brittle materials

On June 6.

Aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and other hard brittle materials, have good abrasion resistance and wear resistance, achieve long knife life. This is achieved by using the newly developed diamond coating and cutting edge geometry, combining the sharpness and cutting edge strength.

The series has been extended to a wider range of processing applications, with two new types, DHC2SB with short flute length and DHC2SB, a long neck, ball end milling cutter type.