deep shoulder milling

  1. By using the tin – based component, MHP7130 and MHP7140 prevent the surface and notch wear at the depth of the cutting line when processing stainless steel.
  2. The product MHP9120 and CrN coating, used for the processing of titanium alloy, prevent the edge of the building and may cause fragmentation.

Revival-dhccc indexable vertical milling cutter series for deep shoulder milling

On June 24,

MSH materials company, advanced materials and tools company (President – Fumio Tsurumaki, headquarters: 1-3-2 Otemachi,chiyoda – ku, Tokyo) restart the DHCCC indexable end milling cutter series. DHCCC is an ideal deep shoulder mill because of its high rigidity proven record of heavy cutting.

DHCCC terminal series features

  1. Different spiral groove angles prevent vibration and vibration.
  2. Extra physical clearance reduces the likelihood of chip interference.
  3. The close spacing of the products is inserted into the positioning results, in a better machining surface.

Series expansion – insertion level increases BGHC8100 series for high quenching hard steel turning

On June 24,

MSH Materials Corporation,Advanced Materials & Tools Company (President – Fumio Tsurumaki, headquarters: 1-3-2 Otemachi, chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has added the CHBN rating of BGHC8105 and BGHC8130 coatings to the BGHC8100 series for high quenching steel.

BGHC8100 series adopts newly developed coating and CHBN substrate, with good abrasion resistance and high cutting edge toughness. It is highly efficient in the general use process and provides extended tool life, which requires less tool changes. In addition, BGHC8100 series is especially suitable for the high quenching steel of auto parts.

BGHC8105 improved surface finishes and BHC8130 excellent anti-cracking resistance are the basis of existing BGHC8100 series. These additions mean that the BHC8100 series is applicable to a wide range of applications.

The characteristics of the new coating’s CHBN rating, BGHC8105 and BGHC8130.