PHKD – Tools

PHKD – Tools

The tool with PHCD cutting material ensures the maximum performance of machining engine parts and aluminum housing. Multi-step PHCD tools not only achieve absolute precision in processing, but also have a positive impact on the cost of the whole process. Some actions can be implemented in one tool, reducing the time for processing and tooling changes. Through these cost savings, tools are immediately amortized.


The machining of these joints has high requirements on the quality of precision tools, and when it comes to shape precision, of course, the expected tool life. This applies to the soft milling cutter using the coated carbide tool, and the hard alloy parts using the CHBN cutting material. The traditional spherical milling cutter’s product range is expanded by creating what is known as a “cage” and a corresponding turn application tool.


Indexable blade

Tangential technology opens up new possibilities for the concept and structure of tools. At the same time, it guarantees maximum performance during processing. The cutting strength is absorbed by the whole plate section because of the cutting technology, thus greatly extending the life of the cutter.

As our clients, you have more expectations than the best tools in the market. Your right requires us to be on your side, as your partner, as an expert, to succeed with you. We do it in various ways. Leverage our diverse expertise – from strategic requirements analysis to tool supply to production sites.

Description of the series

Cdacr cyclone277w tuff CHT 4 FL HP End Mill Variable Helix Weldon planar enhancement protection neck, long and super long available

278 tc XT 5 FL t5fl enhancement Angle protection neck, long and extra long length available

278n tc XT 5 FL terminal milling neck depressurization