278w tc XT 5 FL t5 FL welding flat reinforcement Angle, long and super long available
279 tc xt-4 FL – EM bulb tip improved the quality of the cutting edge
Tuff cuts XHR7
The drill has a low thrust point geometry for aluminum 5X 2 tank coolant and enhances the double edge design
CXDCL cyclone XD 8X coolant provides long time Lgth low thrust point geometry, enhanced double edge design
200 STS 145 ° found found XD drill hole
2xdce ts XD drilling 12x-25x coolant Fed foreign minister drilling XM high performance deep hole drilling
2xdcs ts XD 3X coolant has been used in a wide range of materials to conduct xm high-performance drilling
2xdsr ts xd5x solid carbide conventional drilling xm high performance drilling in a wide range of materials
K-2xdss ts XD 3X solid carbide kk
In a wide range of materials, stubs drill xm high-performance drilling
MXDSR ts XD micro drill 5 x the overall carbide 135-140 °, 30 °, spiral ALtima coating micro drill in a wide range of high performance material
207. Ts, brad and puncture coatings are used to drill graphite, carbon enhanced polymers (CFRP) and Kevlar fiber reinforced composites.
229 ts AHL 5X 3 flute high performance. It is recommended to increase speed and feed as well as other materials that are easy to process.
2mdcl ts coolant 10X microdrill xtrem high performance drilling in a wide range of materials
On a microdrill platform, the Tuffness micrograph of the 205 hi-tuff bit is performed using ALtima microcoating (AM)
HPDSR for performance, accuracy and economy m.a. The ford Max high performance drill provides a solid 5X M.A. ford Max
Within the range of 42-65 rockwell c, 200 t – type elevated drills were designed at 135 Deg points
200set ts hi – roc drill sleeve
It can be used to drill bits of cast iron, aluminum, bronze and magnesium. Very similar to our standard staff training. 118 degrees.