Series expansion – CHVD

  1. The product improves the adhesion to the surface of CHBN, increasing the flaking resistance.

Series expansion – CHVD diamond coated end mill series of graphite DF – end mill series

On October 19,

As a tool for achieving optimal performance, DHF end mill series has been well received in the market, which is ideal for milling graphite electrodes, copper alloys, aluminum and FHRP. It has good abrasion resistance, and when processed graphite materials are very fragile and flammable.

In order to expand the customer’s choice, in the DHF series medium long flute type, will add a long length and ball nose end milling cutter.

Features of DHF end mill series

  1. The product adopts diamond composite coating and is optimized for graphite milling. It has good wear resistance and has achieved a long stable tool life when processing graphite.
  2. The rounded radius and spherical nose milling cutter use a seamless radius and edge trimming to ensure a highly accurate and smooth surface finish.

3.137 different projects can be used more widely.

Series expansion – heavy duty cutting new blade

On October 19,

When machining various parts for large machinery parts such as railway, ship building and energy, single side inserts and chip grooves are used

. 8 e scale industry.

In order to cover a wider range of applications and provide more options for customers, the insertion level of CHVD coatings is MHC6025 and UHS735. With the optimization of steel and stainless steel, it has been added to this range.

The characteristics of heavy cutting steering inserts

  1. The new human resource destroyer has been added. It can also provide excellent chip control and cutting edge strength even at high cutting depth and high feed rate when processing general and alloy steel.