New ARP series

  1. The FT chipset with flat top provides the optimal sharpness balance and crack resistance.
  2. Compared with JL chipsets, JM chip circuit breaker with a larger dip Angle has improved the cutting performance. Compared with the ft’s chipsets, the company’s chips have higher sharpness and are also effective in long-suspension applications.

New ARP series – round insert cutter for easy cutting materials

On December 15,

AHRP series

The AHRP series has the highest running precision in the indexable insert and screw tool. This helps to extend the cutting load evenly throughout all inserts, thus increasing the service life of the tool. This precision is especially important when processing titanium and heat-resistant alloys and stainless steel.

The AHRP circular cutter is suitable for the rough machining of turbine blades used in aerospace and power generation industries.

Features of the AHRP series

  1. Compared with conventional tools, a highly accurate seat can achieve the minimum change in insertion accuracy. Axial jumping shows 25% improvement.
  2. Wide seat face and 2 face position to prevent the blade from moving during cutting.

The product provides a smooth chip flow for low cutting resistance at the special rake surface on each quadrant of the insert.

  1. The product is suitable for various use of chip crusher; M – type circuit breaker is a strong cutting edge type, l-type circuit breaker is a sharp cutting edge type.
  2. The newly developed blades can be used in stainless steel in CHVD coated carbide MHC7020 to prevent thermal cracking and chip improving stability.

Series expansion – ISO insertion series cast iron turning

MHC5005 and MHC5015

MHC5005, the CHVD coated carbide grade used for cast iron turning can be carried out at high speeds, usually associated with ceramic grade (up to 600m/min), and can be efficiently processed. MHC5005 is designed to be coated with MHC5015, which can reduce the cost when processing cast iron parts. This is achieved by using efficient methods, which are due to improved tool life and cutting edge reliability.